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I've found a lack of accurate 70s "racing the beam" style assets.  These are console specific resources that I've created personally over the years.  Expect updates, changes and general refinements as this is a work in progress.

Please don't resell these.  Credit to Gemintronic greatly encourages me to continue this project.

This asset pack attempts to %98 percent adhere to these constraints:

* One color per line

* 8 pixels wide

* Reflecting sprites for animation

* Most graphics ripped from my actual games

Ah ha!  But, we cheat by sometimes:

* Stretching sprites to 16, 24 or 32 pixels wide

* More colors by using a missile, ball or playfield block

* Using the TV phosphor effect for blended shades

* Some colors not accurate to real hardware


Actors - Creatures, NPCs

-- Boss - Larger Enemies

-- Vehicles - Trucks, Spaceships

Players - Main characters

-- Side View - Specifically side view with multiple frames

Backgrounds - Backdrops, Scenery

Props - Inanimate objects

-- Blocks - Tile based game friendly objects

UI - Cursors, Icons, Title Screen Elements

-- Score - Fonts used for score (digits 0-9)  

Effects - Flames, Projectiles, Zaps


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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