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Oh no!  Aliens have ransacked the orphanage!  Nite Bear must destroy aliens, kill the boss and save the souls of the poor orphan ghosts!  Magical lolipops increase the power of Nite Bears throwing dagger.  Rescuing orphan ghosts will heal.  Stage 9 reveals the ultimate alien who must be stopped!

Reset = Resets game
Select = Changes stage Nite Bear starts at. Previous game stats are not retained.
Fire = Starts game and launches throwing dagger.

Game modes include:

  • Knightmare style shooting levels with boss
  • 4 way scrolling platform rescue the Steffies in the orphanage levels
  • Final boss battle
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Tags2600, atari, Homebrew, Retro, rom


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I’m not able to check nitebear.bin until later, but I did claim access to Shoot More Blocks but didn’t receive a second file. Is this a multi-game .bin or did I mess something up potentially?

Not sure why that's happening.  Was supposed to be a thank you for donating towards my homebrew efforts.  I've made the Shoot More Blocks download public and pay-what-you-want like all my games here.  https://theloon.itch.io/shootmoreblocks

Dear theloon, may I please re-share your games on my github project page?  More details about the project in my profile --> https://retrobrews.itch.io/. Thank you in advance! Retro Fan

I do not give you permission to distribute games I publish on Itch.io.  These games are pay what you want.  I have no control over your github page or how much you charge (or not charge).

I *am* open to looking into my portfolio for games that you can distribute.  I'll make sure to message you when that happens :)

Hi theloon, thank you for your reply. I understand and I would be glad if you can let me know, if any of your games can be shared in the future. (The games are for free, as I also get them for free ;). Thank you. Retro Fan

I already sent a tweet with your logo as an actual 2600 ROM.  Feel free to use the image for any purpose :)

thank you!