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I’m not able to check nitebear.bin until later, but I did claim access to Shoot More Blocks but didn’t receive a second file. Is this a multi-game .bin or did I mess something up potentially?

Not sure why that's happening.  Was supposed to be a thank you for donating towards my homebrew efforts.  I've made the Shoot More Blocks download public and pay-what-you-want like all my games here.

Dear theloon, may I please re-share your games on my github project page?  More details about the project in my profile --> Thank you in advance! Retro Fan

I do not give you permission to distribute games I publish on  These games are pay what you want.  I have no control over your github page or how much you charge (or not charge).

I *am* open to looking into my portfolio for games that you can distribute.  I'll make sure to message you when that happens :)

Hi theloon, thank you for your reply. I understand and I would be glad if you can let me know, if any of your games can be shared in the future. (The games are for free, as I also get them for free ;). Thank you. Retro Fan

I already sent a tweet with your logo as an actual 2600 ROM.  Feel free to use the image for any purpose :)

thank you!