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The Googabet Expire has mastered their reality distortion field technology!  Rebels have managed to corrupt the defense system enough to launch an escape ship.  Googabets stasis balls have been subverted to erratically destroy the force fields blocking safe passage.  Can you avoid the stasis ball, laser salvos and thrust your way up to freedom?

* 32 hand crafted levels in addition to the original 8 semi random level layouts.
* Genesis controller supported (but not required)
* High score (not retained after power off)
* Many quality of life improvements and small tweaks over previous Upp versions

Left or Right Difficulty Switch A: Start at level 8
FIRE: Start game.  In game thrust ship upwards.
DOWN or Genesis button C: Rapidly decelerate ship downward.
RESET:  Reset game keeping current high score (until power off.)
LEFT or RIGHT:  Steer ship left or right.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Tags2600, 8-Bit, atari, rom


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I've had plenty of hours of enjoyment of Upp! in the past, and this is a worthy update. Nicely done!

I really appreciate that.  Feels like reverse breakout/arkanoid might be a valid sub-genre with feedback like this!  Hollar back if you have any suggestions or systems you'd like to see Upp! on :)


nice hybrid!


This game looks awesome!


Thanks!  Sort of a new take on the arkanoid / breakout genre.  What if YOU had to work around the ball instead of control it?